Friends, we’ve made it!

It’s taken us quite some time to get here, but I’m delighted to unveil our new SCIJ website today.

From now on, you’ll be able to find us at the following address:

It has been quite a journey getting here. As many people may have heard when undertaking a big project, ‘Twice the Time, Twice the Effort’! 

While selecting and writing the content for our new site, I remind myself of the uniqueness of SCIJ. Beginning with the committed individuals of our Association, traversing to the destinations and people we meet along the way, we are indeed in a category of our own. We should be grateful and cherish this – Our True SCIJ Spirit!  

As we kick off 2022, I hope this latest realization will spark collective motivation to recruit diverse, young, productive journalists SCIJ needs. We can only be successful with your belief and active involvement.  

We’ve carefully planned for a flexible SCIJ site to facilitate the continued introduction of market-leading capabilities as they make sense for us. You’ll find some new recognizable features, including a blog and video page. Most importantly, the site is responsive to Apple and Android tablets and smartphones. In the first half of the year, we will introduce social sharing and provide SCIJ Member Nations with the ability to distribute some of our content on relevant websites and platforms. 

If you venture into our ‘Fountain of Youth,’ you’ll also find a great photo gallery with many new images of our past meetings. Think of it as the ‘uncut, better-looking version of our youthful selves’’! We have the sharp eyes of Gisella Motta (ITA), Nadezhda Chipeva (BUL) and Lex van den Bosch (NED), who gracefully donated some of the visuals you’ll find throughout the site. There are also images we could cherry-pick from social media, but unfortunately, we weren’t able to identify the authors. 

The move is complete like a new house, but a few adjustments are needed. We will focus our energy on making the necessary tweaks in the coming weeks. If you find something wrong, please do not hesitate to write an email with a screen capture to explain the problem.

As we bid farewell to our old friend, I want to extend my appreciation to Rauli Storm (FIN) for the countless number of hours invested over the years, and most recently, Michael Cousins (GB) for keeping the lights on. Also, not to be missed in the credits roster, Ulli Bruenger (GER) and Ana Raic Knezevic (CRO) for their patience with the back and forth throughout the design and build phase. Our German designer Harald Kamke also merits a medal for his patience. Many of the work from individuals from within SCIJ goes on, too often unrecognized. 

This site is the foundation of what’s coming for SCIJ. This year we will expand our digital footprint to raise awareness as a year-round ‘journalism first’ global Association. It will precisely translate into the rebranding of our communications collateral, our Facebook page, and the introduction of a SCIJ LinkedIn community in the coming weeks. 

I hope you will enjoy this new direction and channel your energy to keep our SCIJ Spirit alive with recruitment, networking, and endless meetings at World-Class ski resorts. 

Welcome to the family ‘SCIJ.SKI.’ 

Happy New Year, SCIJ!

I’m looking forward to seeing you soon! Stay safe!


Frederick Wallace

SCIJ President