A dynamic International Association

  • Are you a professional journalist? Is skiing or snowboarding part of your DNA?
  • Are you interested in different countries, people, cultures, politics, customs and cuisines?
  • Are you outgoing and willing to share your experience, culture, customs and cuisine with others?
  • Do you have an authentic media outlet where you can publish, blog, broadcast or otherwise share your experiences with others?
  • Did we check off some boxes? Great!

Membership in SCIJ is open to professional journalists earning their living full time from journalism-related activities. 

Joining SCIJ means that you can: 

  1. Be part of an international association with a rich history and a storied past dating back to 1955 
  2. Meet and work with professional colleagues from your nation
  3. Make contact with over 1,000 journalists from 31 countries and develop a relevant network
  4. Participate in professional think tanks and discuss a range of subjects of interest to our members 
  5. Access our membership directories
  6. Receive SCIJ Newsletters and gain access to our Social Media Platforms 
  7. Participate in our professional development workshops and deepen your professional skills 
  8. Attend our annual Winter Meeting in the host country and go skiing/snowboarding, join in think tanks and enjoy numerous exclusive events that allow you to network and gain insights in a spectacular setting 
  9. Discover some of the most important ski resorts in the World
  10. Participate in our summer meetings (every second year) as voted by the General Assembly.

To register, please consult our statutes and then complete our form. We recommend using a desktop computer. 

What Happens Next

Check here to see if your nation is a member of SCIJ. If your country is still not a member, please complete our form as we are actively recruiting. Upon form submission:

1. We will introduce you to the leaders of your national team, who will evaluate your application. Member nations may have additional membership criteria

2. Once accepted, we will add your information to the member’s directory 

3. If your nation is not yet a member, the International Committee will contact you

4. If you have questions, please contact the International Committee by clicking on the following link. 

Thank you for your interest.

We look forward to seeing you in the SCIJ family!